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We all worried about the high-water levels experienced by Anglers Inn guests at El Salto this time last year but the fruits of the floods have already started to influence the fishing - in a big, positive way. All that new water last year created an abundant spawning and growing environment for the resident tilapia fishery and the Florida strain largemouth bass. Millions of small tilapia became bass meals that impacted the entire bass population. A one-pound bass last year became a three-pounder this year. A three-pounder stretched into a five pounder. The fives became sevens. Sevens became, well, you get the drift.


Lake Picachos also reported an outstanding start to the season.


One commonality of these catch reports: the 5-inch watermelon Senko is the hot bait this fall.


The lodge, staff, guides and boats are primed and ready for the 2022-2023 season. Lake El Salto was full but now is at the right level for this time of the year. Lake Picachos was flowing over the spillway, another common situation this time of year. This is going to be a great year for Anglers Inn guests.


There are some vacancies remaining at Lake El Salto for December. Book now to enjoy that pre-Christmas adventure.



Anglers know that Egrets and Herons are great indicators of good fishing. Like the birds, anglers immediately found bass. A morning Egret gets a jump on breakfast.


Philip Hanstead, out of Kenora, Ontario Canada, was among the first to enjoy the opening weeks at El Salto. With son Dustin Moncrief the pair fished the last week of September into October, mostly at El Salto. A 5-inch watermelon Senko on points was their key to catching 75-100 fish per day per boat with their largest bass weighing 7.4 pounds. The duo are already planning their next trip.

Philip and Dustin with a morning double.


Dustin Moncrief proudly shows his big catch.


Not much later Spokane residents Robert Trukositz and Austin Lee enjoyed some wonderfully sunny and hot weather to produce four equally hot fishing days at Lake El Salto. Using 4-inch swimbaits, watermelon or red/black flake Senkos or shad-pattern ½ ounce Rattletraps, the two anglers landed 250 bass with their largest tipping it at 9.11 pounds. They targeted flats and bushes early then moved to bluffs and deep underwater points.


Is this a big fish or what? Robert Trukositz knows!


Austin Lee keeps pace with Robert with his own trophy.


Like all Anglers Inn guests, doubling up is a common feat.


Encinitas, California residents Takeshi (Riki) and Kota Hishietuchi enjoyed some great fishing together this past month. The pair landed over 100 fish using 5-inch watermelon Senkos and a black/gold deep crank bait.

The father (Riki on right)/son (Kota on the left) smile for the guide before getting right back after the fish.

Kota poses with a big catch.


Charlie Bratton and Gary Bratton, of Grenada, Mississippi, had a great trip with 191 fish landed with the biggest bass weighing six pounds. They focused on points with 5-inch black/blue Senkos triggering their bites. Their parting comment, “We had an amazing trip. Such a beautiful place. The service was unbelievable. They treat you like royalty. Can’t wait to get back, hated to leave.”


Charlie Bratton shows why he and his Dad come to El Salto.


Another double by Team Bratton.

Father and son anglers Charlie (on the left) and Gary on the right love the fishing, food and service provided by Anglers Inn.


Followers of Anglers Inn social media will recognize the Mann family. Jacob and son Bates were at Lake El Salto this spring and featured in Anglers Inn social media. The pair returned this past month. Young Mann was certainly on his game with huge catches on both trips and his Dad, Jacob, certainly caught his share.

Bates Mann proudly shows his monster caught this past March.

Bates Mann does it again this October.

The elder Jacob Mann tries to keep up with Bates.

Together this father/son team have mastered Lake El Salto.


A bittersweet moment for all Anglers Inn guests: that time of day when the last casts are made. The bad news is there is not much time before heading to the lodge. The good news is the anticipation of one or two more large strikes for the day. And there is always tomorrow.

The setting sun, bringing to a close another outstanding day on Lake El Salto.

Waiting at the lodge as you come off the boat is the favored beverage of choice, plus a scrumptious hors d’oeuvre followed by a dinner for kings.


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John Pierce catches another massive peacock bass.


The rumor is starting to grow. Anglers Inn is creating a new United States destination featuring floating suites and outstanding fresh and saltwater action. It’s true. Stay tuned! The big announcement is coming soon.

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