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As we mentioned before, getting to the Anglers Inn Lodge at El Salto Lake poses no problems. You get to Mazatlan and we’ll take it from there. Lake El Salto is located in the state of Sinaloa about 1 ½ hours from the picturesque port of Mazatlan and about 800 miles from U.S. Border at Nogales, AZ.

Mazatlan is the main gateway city for commercial flights and private planes: You’ll be met at Mazatlan’s International Airport by members of the Anglers Inn staff. We’ll see that your luggage gets to the Anglers Inn Lodge when you do. There will be a tray full of our special Margaritas waiting there for you!

Our repeat customers, and there’s a raft of them, already know what to expect. They’ve come to anticipate the warm greeting they know they’ll get from the capable members of our friendly staff. And that reminds us that we want to mention one more time how easy it is to verify everything you’ve just read – just ask someone who has been here!

Buena suerte, Amigo! We’ll be looking for you.



Continental Airlines

(800) 900-5000 direct flight from Houston to Mazatlan

America West

(800) 235- 9292 direct flight from Phoenix to Mazatlan

Alaska Airlines

(800) 426- 0333 Flights: San Francisco – Mazatlan, Seattle – Mazatlan, Los Angeles – Mazatlan

Aero California

(800) 237-6639 Flight: Los Angeles – Mazatlan


(800) 531-7921 Flights: Denver – Mazatlan, Los Angeles – Mazatlan, Miami – Mexico – Mazatlan

Aero Mexico Airlines

(800) 021-4000 Flights: Juarez – Mazatlan. (Fly into El Paso, Texas, cross over by car), Las Vegas – Hermosillo – Mazatlan, Miami – Mexico – Mazatlan.